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About Sapiens Products & Solutions

Offering streamlined, integrated solutions for the insurance industry, Sapiens combines over 35 years of experience with cutting-edge innovation that transforms insurance carriers of all sizes into advanced digital organizations.

A one-stop-shop for all insurance software business in the industry, Sapiens provides software solutions that support all insurance products for individual, group and worksite clients, as well as increasing consumer demands, regulatory changes and technology upgrades. The immediacy of the Internet age and the demands of today’s consumers are no match for the innovation that Sapiens systems provide insurance carriers.

Sapiens offers core business insurance software solutions for insurers, brokers and MGAs of the property & casualty; life, pension & annuities; reinsurance; workers’ compensation; financial & compliance and business decision management software. We also provide a full digital suite.

Sapiens’ platforms, solution suites and solutions offer the flexibility and agility that enable insurers to transform their legacy systems into holistic, future-proof growth engines. No matter the country, language, regulation, device, channel or requirement, Sapiens’ functionally rich solutions enable insurers to meet any new challenge, while increasing organizational efficiency and reducing costs.

Sapiens solutions are the key to improving customer engagement and creating unique customer experiences, with advanced digital solutions that answer consumers’ needs for speed, efficiency, value and exceptional service.

end-to-end Insurance software solutions

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