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Sapiens CoreSuite for Life & Pension

Recent global upheavals have impacted the insurance market in several ways, in particular by creating an environment of rapid change and innovation, alongside fast-evolving customer demographics and expectations. Additionally, addressing regulatory changes, multi-national roll-outs, leveraging the cloud or developing effective ecosystems architectures all require a modern, digital solution integrated with a stable core that supports the complete policy lifecycle. Meeting all these demands effectively is possible with the right core system.

Life Insurance Policy Administration System

Sapiens CoreSuite for Life & Pension is an end-to-end, cloud-based software solution with enhanced digital capabilities for the management of both individual and group life, investments and medical products on a single platform. It offers a 360-degree view of the customer from the policy administration system with omni-channel communication and access. It’s available as a cloud or on-premise solution, enabling access to authentic digital engagement through a flexible digital layer connected via modern API adaptors. Our genuinely global solution includes multi-currency, multi-language, jurisdiction, line of business features and much more. Sapiens CoreSuite is pre-integrated with the Sapiens DigitalSuite with its digital capabilities enhanced via adaptors.

Existing System Consolidation
Many insurers still use systems developed decades ago that can’t support today’s regulatory changes, digital marketplace and demanding customers. Too many manual processes can lead to errors that impact customer experience. Our unique conversion approach reduces the risks involved in migrating from existing legacy systems.

Business Benefits

  • Rapidly tailor and launch new products through a variety of low/no code configuration tools
  • Power of the cloud open modern architecture, cloud-based capabilities further enhanced through an in improved DevOps mechanism
  • Open, modern insurance architecture integration of Sapiens’ API Conducter (ACE) ensures digital is built-in and APIs can be configured, managed and orchestrated to empower digital initiatives
  • Data driven decision making with Sapiens Intelligence including a wide range of data management and analytic capabilities
  • Digital built-in with our advanced DigitalSuite enhancing customer engagement, user experience and automation
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