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Consumers demand ease-of-access via the channel of their choice from all service providers, including insurers. This makes it difficult for carriers to remain competitive without supporting a fully omni-channel experience. To meet this need, insurers invest time, effort and financial resources in custom portals and sites connecting to their operational, policy administration, claims management and other systems. The problem with many of these tailored solutions is that they require extensive maintenance in an environment where insurers must efficiently and cost-effectively engage customers on a digital level.

Our Solution

Sapiens CustomerConnect for Property & Casualty (formerly Sapiens PORTAL) is a modular, highly innovative portal solution specifically designed for the P&C insurance market. It is a direct-to-consumer application, enabling insureds to buy policies, view the statuses of their policies and accounts, and issue claims. Many other transactions can be performed that save consumers and insurers time and reduce costs, while increasing overall consumer satisfaction.

Insurers can leverage their investment in the Sapiens CoreSuite for Property & Casualty by offering a unique, real-time consumer experience tailored to today’s digital natives. CustomerConnect is fully pre-integrated with Sapiens CoreSuite products.

The solution includes a journey builder and API configuration tool for innovative insurance business journeys. This allows insurers to quickly and easily add new journeys and configure existing customer journey paths. Sapiens’ portal supports multiple customer journeys throughout the full value-chain, from pre-engagement, through onboarding, servicing and claims. Sapiens also offers out-of-the-box templates and visual components for customer portals. CustomerConnect facilitates straight-through processing for quotes and illustrations, with seamless transition into active policy, as well as web-based underwriting to enable STP where appropriate.

CustomerConnect is part of the Sapiens DigitalSuite for Property & Casualty, which offers an end-to-end, holistic and seamless digital experience for customers, agents, brokers, customer groups and third-party service providers. The suite is pre-integrated with Sapiens CoreSuite for Property & Casualty and is comprised of Digital Engagement and Digital Enablement and API Layer components. DigitalSuite is cloud-based.

CustomerConnect provides built-in integration with a set of digital, customer-engagement tools, including personalized video, chatbots and digital forms management. The solution is built for enterprise performance, supporting high volumes of traffic, to meet all the needs and demands of top-tier insurers and their customers. This includes features such as queue management, load balancing and other functionalities.

Business Benefits

  • Built to provide insureds and agents with high quality, state-of-the-art user experiences, and tailored to offer unique P&C insurance characteristics in the digital arena, for an intuitive and user-friendly customer experience
  • Full access to all historical activities and communications offers insurers, customers and agents a 360-degree view of customers’ portfolios, policies, payment data, etc., increasing customer-centricity
  • Easily customizable user interface for quick and easy adaptation of CustomerConnect’s graphical user interface (GUI) for each customer enables insurers and agents to quickly and flexibly customize screens
  • Built on more than three and a half decades of Sapiens experience and best practices, Sapiens CustomerConnect for Property & Casualty helps agents maximize their efforts and provide a superior customer experience
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