Decision Management

Sapiens Decision for Mortgage Originators

The volume of home mortgages over the past several years continues to set records. But many mortgage originators still struggle with the high cost of obtaining, processing and selling their mortgages due to outdated technology and cumbersome loan origination systems. Originators must react quickly to market changes that impact decision making, like interest rate changes and dynamic customer needs, or risk losing their competitive edge. Reducing dependency on IT for business rule updates can empower business analysts to make changes quickly, consistently, and with a high level of confidence in outcomes.

Our Solution

Sapiens Decision for Mortgage Originators is a market leading decision management system that solves the business problems caused by complex rules residing in disparate and difficult to manage mortgage systems. Sapiens Decision simplifies and automates the home mortgage pipeline, from origination to servicing.  You can stay current with complicance and exert greater control over policy changes across the business.

Sapiens Decision makes decision logic accessible, manageable and scalable.

Our clients – including some of the largest mortgage firms in the industry – have acheived great success using Sapiens Decision.

Business Benefits

  • Automate for Responsiveness to differentiate with dynamic customer experiences
  • Optimize Mortgage Processing Pipeline by increasing productivity and reducing operating expenses
  • Empower Citizen Developers to reduce coding time from months or weeks to hours
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