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As consumer and market demands grow more complex, insurance carriers seek an all-encompassing digital approach with integrated components from a wide variety of external service providers and third parties. For this to succeed, they need solutions that will ease the process of connecting with these external entities. Simplifying the carrier’s integration between its core system and external providers via an easy to use, well-mapped API layer removes the complexity of this continually growing digital ecosystem.

Our Solution

Sapiens DigitalHub (API Layer and Digital Studio) facilitates an open-communication, API-based platform that enables carriers to interact with insuretech companies, ecosystem technology providers and business partners. By enabling seamless interaction with any service under any technology, Sapiens’ open architecture ensures that providers will easily choose the building blocks they need. They’ll be able to seamlessly integrate all elements within their insurance ecosystem, to succeed today and prepare for the future.

The API layer simplifies the complexity of the integration with different parties, including the policy administration system (PAS) and exposes consumable APIs that can be easily used by the different channels and the carriers’ partners. The layer includes a mapping tool between the PAS and Sapiens DigitalSuite data models, so that a data model and APIs can be constructed for the specific journey. This layer is also responsible for the orchestration of core services and powered by modern DevOps automation and tools.

Sapiens’ data management, digital micro-engines, micro-apps and productivity tools (digital studio, automated decisioning, etc.) offer insurers full digital enablement.

Business Benefits

  • Enabling seamless interactions with any service under any technology within an insurance ecosystem, sets insurers up for success and prepares them for the future
  • API layer and accompanying digital tools enables insurers to get up and running quickly
  • Cloud scalability and security enables the API layer to support spikes in demand and facilitates a smooth online user experience
  • Dynamically exposing configuration changes from the PAS to the engagement layer results in faster time to market
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