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Drive digital transformation and accelerate innovation

No matter where you are in your digital journey, Sapiens can help you orchestrate a customized digital symphony quickly, easily and affordably.

Insurers need to deliver frictionless services from anywhere, at any time. To reach this goal, insurers must approach their digital transformation through the lens of customer experience.

By harnessing new customer journey standards to meet consumer expectations, digitization can completely reinvent the underwriting and claims processes – shifting the focus to automated, streamlined and consumer-focused processes.


Our DigitalSuite Solution

Sapiens offers a dynamic, digital engagement and enablement platform for insurers to provide a unified, omni-channel experience. The flexible, component-based platform can be leveraged together with Sapiens’ core solutions or on top of other (non-Sapiens) solutions. This single, scalable platform comes with a variety of mix-and-match, productized components and allows insurers to simply achieve their goals and tailor the solution to their needs.

Sapiens DigitalSuite accelerates digital transformation initiatives meant to help achieve the necessary customer engagement to stay competitive in today’s market.

DigitalSuite Components:

API Conductor

Journey & Form Composer:

BotConnect and LiveConnect:




Business Benefits

  • Surpass customer expectations
  • Quickly penetrate new markets and offerings
  • Harness the power of APIs and our ecosystem
  • Leverage data and analytics to drive business processes
  • Enjoy the scalability, flexibility and security of cloud-based solutions
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