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Insurers deal with numerous streams of data that potentially offer them actionable insights with which to formulate strategies, identify new market propositions and gain crucial market intelligence. But without effective analytics, they are reactive and cannot effectively prepare for new trends. The challenge is incorporating all this data into data-driven decision processes

Our Solution

Sapiens Intelligence for Property & Casualty is an innovative business intelligence solution specifically designed for the (P&C) market and is integrated with Sapiens IDITSuite for Property & Casualty. The solution is based on the advanced technology of SAP’s analytics platform and is developed for the insurance business based on insights from scores of customers in production and enhanced by over 35 years of experience.

The solution offers out of the box content and tools that business users can easily leverage to slice and dice the information they need. It empowers the users to quickly and easily draw business conclusions and insights from raw data via self-service analytics and easy-to-use modern tools. Intelligence drives analytics adoption across the organisation with compelling, insightful dashboards and apps.

Standalone or pre-integrated with the Sapiens Platform for Property & Casualty, its proven capabilities result in rapid deployment to production.

Sapiens Intelligence for Property & Casualty is comprised of two pre-integrated components:

Business Benefits

  • Reduces implementation costs by seamlessly and easily transforming transactional data into an analytical data model
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance and upgrade costs by maintaining coherence with Sapiens’ upgrade paths. It enables insurers to preserve their current tools and applications through immediate connectivity to other corporate data warehouses, or analytical tools
  • Minimizes the need for specific data warehouse integration, reducing transformation risk
  • Easily adjusts the data discovery processes to satisfy and comply with constantly changing regulations, business trends and market developments, increasing organisational efficiency
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