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Insurance carriers possess massive amounts of customer data that can be exceptionally valuable in all areas of the business, from customer engagement and customer satisfaction, to efficient and targeted marketing of new products. If that data is spread throughout the company and stranded on data islands its value is lost and the carrier can miss precious opportunities to leverage the data for the benefit of both the customer and insurance provider.

Our Solution

Sapiens IntelligencePro for Workers’ Compensation provides insurance carriers with information in easy-to-use formats for analysis and enhanced decision-making for workers’ compensation. Insurance providers can gain operational insight and the ability to fine-tune critical decision-making and strategic planning.

The module is specifically designed for the insurance market, with over 100 preconfigured P&C insurance reports, dashboards, scorecards, ad hoc reporting and hundreds of analytics. IntelligencePro leverages industry-leading business intelligence and analytics to turn data into information for making better business decisions. Its centralized data source offers a single-source repository of truth across the organization.

Actionable data in easy-to-use formats facilitate analysis and enhanced decision-making. Intuitive visualization empowers business users with easy interactions and real-time data via simple point-and-click.

The next generation of competitive advantage comes from analyzing unstructured content to understand the “how?” and “why?” of business activities over time. From simple, content-based metrics to sophisticated sentiment analysis, IntelligencePro can provide a more complete view of customer and competitor experiences and opportunities, and help your organization accurately plan for the future.

Sapiens IntelligencePro for Workers’ Compensation is pre-integrated with all Sapiens CoreSuite for Workers’ Compensation core modules.

Business Benefits

  • Eliminates guesswork via more accurate historical data, synthesis between departmental data stores, forecasting and trending, and predictive “what if?” analysis
  • Improves efficiency with faster answers to business questions, without the need to search for data from various departments, using role-based filters that automatically tailor content to specific business users
  • Provides insight into customer behavior and uncovers hidden patterns and relationships, sees what customers are buying, and turns this knowledge into additional profit and customer retention engines
  • Improves customer retention by creating insured profiles that highlight involved geographical areas and product combinations from various insured segments, and enables the carrier to improve cross-selling and increase revenue potential
  • Mitigates fraud by identifying patterns of potential fraud, triggering automated alerts to quickly provide intervention
  • Improves underwriting by enabling underwriters to confidently act upon massive amounts of data related to insureds credit history, risks and market information
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