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Sapiens Platform for Property & Casualty

As new insurtech floods the North American property and casualty (P&C) market, savvy customers demand quick and personalized digital services. Carriers’ systems must be able to interface with various elements in the diverse insurance ecosystem (such as chatbots and machine learning), while supporting regulatory changes and digitalizing all aspects of their business for increased customer engagement and retention.

P&C Insurance Platform for North America

The Sapiens Platform for Property & Casualty is end-to-end, cloud-based, or on-premise set of software offerings with advanced digital capabilities. It can be implemented as a pre-integrated platform, or as standalone systems. The diverse solutions address all P&C carrier needs, across all lines of business and distribution channels, offering a wealth of digital features.

Sapiens CoreSuite for Property & Casualty is comprised of the Sapiens PolicyPro for Property & Casualty (formally Adaptik Policy), which manages the full policy administration lifecycle from initial quote, through rating and policy issuance; Sapiens BillingPro for Property & Casualty (formally Adaptik Billing), which ensures that premiums are collected, claims payments are made, and agent commission payments and receipts are managed accurately; and Sapiens ClaimsPro for Property & Casualty (formally Stream Claims), which controls claims management handling and the settlement process. It also includes a reinsurance solution.

Sapiens IntelligencePro for Property & Casualty (formerly 4SightBI) is Sapiens’ innovative business intelligence solution for the P&C market. It empowers business users to easily draw business insights from raw data, via self-service analytics.

CoreSuite is pre-integrated with Sapiens DigitalSuite for Property & Casualty, our full suite of digital offerings. DigitalSuite offers an end-to-end, holistic and seamless digital experience for agents, customers, brokers, customer groups and third-party service providers. The suite is comprised of the Sapiens DigitalHub (API Layer and Digital Studio) that enables openness and connectivity with partners; Sapiens AgentConnect (formerly Sapiens PORTAL) and Sapiens CustomerConnect (formerly Sapiens PORTAL) portals, specifically designed for the P&C and additional insurance markets; Sapiens PartnerHub makes third-party technology and insurtech solutions available to insurers and their customers. The DigitalSuite is cloud-based.

We also offer Sapiens Decision, a set of complete decision management solutions that place software development in the hands of the business domain and enforce business logic across all enterprise applications.

Sapiens partners with a wide variety of cutting-edge insurtech companies to bring our customers innovative solutions and products that are seamlessly integrated with the platform’s infrastructure services, such as security, logging, monitoring and analytics.

Business Benefits

  • The API-based platform empowers insurers to fully leverage insurtech services across the value chain
  • An agile and holistic digital approach enables insurers to quickly launch digital services and offerings, supporting digital transformation and fast time-to-value for digital strategies
  • Increased automation supports P&C insurers in significantly lowering the high costs of direct, manual interactions with consumers, from brokerage to operations fees
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