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Sapiens ReinsuranceMaster

Managing and optimizing reinsurance coverage is a critical task. Executing it effectively in today’s fast-moving, increasingly complex world demands the use of reinsurance management  technology for ensuring accuracy. Insurers need a reinsurance software solution that enables them to handle all reinsurance activities on a single platform, provides full financial control and auditing support of reinsurance contracts and activities for all lines of business.

Reinsurance Software

Sapiens ReinsuranceMaster is a comprehensive business and accounting software system that enables insurers to handle all reinsurance activities by incorporating fully automated workflows, adapted conveniently for your business procedures. This solution provides flexible and full financial control of your reinsurance processes, including full support for all auditing and statutory compliance requirements.

Sapiens ReinsuranceMaster supports all types of reinsurance contracts – treaty & facultative, proportional & non-proportional, ceded and assumed business. All activities are maintained in one easy-to-use cloud-based, web-based user interface with a standard look-and-feel for all user operations. With extensive and comprehensive automated processes for premium & claims allocation and calculation and fully automated retroactive processing support for late placements and for mid-term changes in reinsurance contracts.


Business Benefits

  • Improves efficiency with full, secure automation
  • Prevents financial leakage
  • Allows consolidated view of liabilities and risks
  • Supports IFRS17
  • Provides a full audit trail
  • Delivers analytics designed for reinsurance
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