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Sapiens ReinsuranceMaster

Reinsurance programs are extremely complex, with multiple covers and layers, and varying terms and conditions. Many insurers still lack the comprehensive reinsurance information management capabilities to enable them to cope with this complexity on a single platform, offering full financial control and auditing support.

Our Solution

Sapiens ReinsuranceMaster is fully integrated with the Sapiens IDITSuite for Property & Casualty. ReinsuranceMaster is a comprehensive business and accounting system, providing a superior solution for all types of reinsurance contracts – treaty and facultative, and proportional and non-proportional. It enables insurers of all sizes to manage their entire range of reinsurance contracts and activities for all lines of business, including rich accounting functionality and reporting capabilities.

Our reinsurance solution enables full and flexible control of reinsurance processes, with built-in automation of contracts, calculations and processes. By incorporating fully automated functions adapted conveniently for your business procedures, Sapiens ReinsuranceMaster provides flexible and total financial control of your reinsurance processes, including complete support for all auditing requirements and statutory compliance.

The Sapiens ReinsuranceMaster Analytics module features query models for reinsurance program managers, analysis of business results and essential key performance indicators supporting the decision-making process.

Supported by Sapiens’ global presence and regional business expertise, Sapiens ReinsuranceMaster supports global operations and all reinsurance business and accounting needs, including extensive multi-currency support and multi-language capabilities

Business Benefits

  • Superior business processes and operational support from automated reinsurance calculations and processes dramatically improve operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Accurate premium calculation and superior claim recovery functionality prevent financial leakage
  • A comprehensive data repository with full audit trail capability provides tracking and follow-up of all information and processes, consolidated view of liabilities and risks, as well as comprehensive reporting, which reduces risk
  • A complete audit trail and detailed tracking of processes, user activities and financials ensure full compliance with up-to-date regulations
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