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Sapiens Reporting Tools

State-of-the art, reliable financial reporting tools are vital in today’s demanding financial environment. Organizations must be able to track critical financial information, quickly produce accurate reports and analyze the forces that drive their business. Being able to leverage the countless sources of data available towards making well-informed business decisions offers insurers a competitive advantage. Sapiens offers insurers of all sizes effective business intelligence (BI) solutions that are easy to use and harness the potential of the vast stores of customers data.

Sapiens F9 capitalizes on the power of spreadsheets, linking Microsoft Excel® to Sapiens FinancialPro (formerly PRO) and Sapiens FinancialGO (formerly PTE) General Ledger data. Sapiens F9 facilitates the generation of a wide range of custom financial statement reports, leveraging Excel’s functionality.

Sapiens IntelligencePro (formerly 4SightBI) offers tailored reporting that supports specific management objectives. Built by insurance professionals for insurance professionals, the solution is designed and documented so that anyone can start using it almost immediately.

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